Darryl -  Radhikesa Dasa
Quantum transformational specialist
Holo-SETS and Master Energy Dynamics -
a system for working in-depth with the physiology, biochemistry, and energetic patterns of the body, access specifically created Modules that work with the pathways and energies

Sure, I'm open to play in the field of event Possibilities...it's just light and information patterns.
I plan to do mostly remote sessions on weekends....

We could do remote play for 15 mins via Skype call, or
online session - No live call is required during session time

Just let me know when you like or I can just do it at pre set time, trust, and you can just receive light and information from where you are..


Email @   [email protected]

Best Wishes

Practitioner in training M. E. Level 1-4 + PC, Unplugged, IAI, MHRT, Field Trip,  Psycho Emotional Energetics , Distinctions Through The Years, Beyond ME, Best of the Best


- Master Energy Dynamics & Holo-Synchronous Energetic Technology Systems.

- M-Joy Interactive

- The Reconnection

Shift with you soon

other Contact Info

I can call you via (Skype) radhikesa.dasa

more info:

website -http://imaginedesigned.webs.com/
Facebook http://facebook.com/radhikesa.dasa

Some favorite info you tube clip videos 

Gmail -email#2  [email protected]

ME forum user - Dragon_walker 

Let's play soon!

Disclaimer - for time & light and information services
Quantum access technology shifting  to field of event possibilities with Assisted Energy balance and light body pattern adjustments are not meant to replace your primary care giver. There are no refunds due to your perceived “lack” of rapid results...TRUST & Envision it, your light and information energy pattern will shift, but no other “results” are guaranteed with this process. For other help seek your Health Professionals licensed by your state.  By clicking through or replying and providing information you agree to be responsible for all perceived changes that occur and any new changes that you experience in connection with this help. If you do not agree please cancel your session 1hr prior to the starting time. (after that exchanges for store credit only).  If something  shows up for you during your shift you can call it what ever you like.

What is M E?

Matrix Energetics, MED, Holosets, MHRT

additional transformational skills

Reconnective Healing is a return to harmony, to balance, to wholeness and mental clarity. Learn to LISTEN with a second sense. Learn to feel a greater awareness. We are going to discover our actual potential. ( I have had The Reconnection)

M-joy Interactive -

 a powerful system for transformation. Through a unique combination of neuroscience, holographic theory, quantum mechanics and heart-centred awareness, Joy Mapping changes long-standing patterns, synthesises the heart and mind