( imagine designed .....)
Quantum transformation specialist

Can you imagine ...Leading  the way you think...Rewriting & Reconstructing Reality...Increasing the event Possibilities. Visualizing a different pattern picture  now... and what if perception selects reality based on highest probabilities between 0 (will not occur) and 1 (will occur)..  there is always either a 1 or 0, so shifting happens in between focus....during defocus to neutral that is when there are equally weighted probabilities.
you just have to notice (resonate) with what's different...
not the same....what has more weight, (the newly designed intent)
Choice is power, what focus do you choose to shift? (observation collapses the wave function)
 "Consciousness causes collapse". ( the probability wave is a pilot wave particle ).if you defocus & let go ....the observer and the observed  become entangled.- Quantum mechanics - WHAT IF YOU ARE WRONG in relation to YOUR OLD PATTERN? cHANGE iS eASY.
The art and science of quantum level access technology to field of event possibilities in light and information pattern shifting with assisted energy balance sessions by appointment or referral only..

-- Session request for service -- email [email protected]
providing your info - easy as as 1,2,3 
1) Date / Time,

2) Contact Via,

3) Initials, city

4) patterns to be shifted placeholders

         A) xxx,

         B) xxx,

         C) xxx,

(1) Best time - [Sat,Sun] 11am-9pm remote skype call,

                       or remote time {m-f} (not live, but scheduled time window in advance )
       15 min intervals  <Example sat 12/12 from 11:00 to 11:15am>

(2) Remote via Skype call, or online session no call 

       starting at set time  <Example set time only, no call >

(3) Please provide 1st name or just initials, or city  <Example Dave, Ohio >

(4) List your concerns or desired changes using brief placeholders

( details and specifics are not required for shift,  just hold in your intent & trust before it changes and after I stack on the "clipboard'  using fix what you find methods )

         A) Concern , B) Concern  , C) Concern

       Any more concerns ?  are you sure, is that all of them for now?

After the session time - what did you notice / experience ? -

(key is to) notice what's different, not What's the same ,

send a brief note of any observations
Or noticed shifts in concern previous listed.

I can also send you a short summary note of what I noticed as well
( by request only )

Introductory demo 5-15 mins fee waived for next
20 sessions  -  (limit 1 per person) - 5 mins/$0.01
Standard session rate $60/30 mins - intro $30/15 mins 

* Friends & family 50% discount ( standard session 1/2 price )

**Ask about exchange play offer for ME Practitioners

*** if you don't get a quick reply, when i get your email i will do the session when i see it and send the

fix back in time.

more info -..This self help is alternative in nature, allowing access to untapped potential
in the grid pattern of light & information and making space for infinite event possibilities with a shift. 

its simple:  5 - 10 min session intro demo trial - (start)-(finish),....

WHAT DO YOU FEEL? What if .... you pretend your heart is smiling?
 "drop into your heart space"  notice what you notice, what else do you notice?
 what is different now??

It could take 5 mins to see results or 5 days... it depends on how much change you allow in....(i'm just a shift conduit) NOT THE DOER, BUT THE DOOR

if your lucky you'll get instant changes of your concerns. M E morphic filed ( transformation specialist)
At the end ... to notice a shift on the concerns just be aware of how you feel, IF THINGS ARE DIFFERENT which will continue to improve over time as you become aware of your new shifts. Allow a new reality perspective. little shifts may have ripple effects.. look for whats different not the same ...

this is an experience! if you need more information - seek your own research and law of attraction.

i appreciate you and allow the source. Injoy..invision it...I'll be downstream.... "focus on the solution" ...
                       Your reality may all ready be the thing of your perspective past.

Practitioner in wizard training, M. E.

Level 1-4 , PC, Unplugged, IAI, MHRT, PEE , DTTY, BME, BotB


- Master Energy Dynamics & Holo-Synchronous Energetic Technology Systems.

- M-Joy Interactive

- The Reconnection

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